Design-Build Quality, Value Engineering and Energy Efficiency

Strickland Construction uses the design-build approach and value engineering. We are dedicated to the construction of attractive, functional buildings that will be durable, energy efficient and profitable for our clients.

Commitment to Problem Solving

Herein lies one of our key ingredients to success: Problems are nothing more than opportunities in disguise. Challenges are not roadblocks, but a chance to find a better way of completing the job.

Client Satisfaction

We realize that a happy owner is our best salesperson. We are dedicated to service after the sale, with services such as free roof repairs for the life of the building and follow-up courtesy calls. We stand behind our product like no one else in the industry.

Safety and Health in the Work Environment

Working safely and observing all federal, state and company safety regulations to assure the good health of every individual on every project is a top priority.

Fair Treatment of Employees, Suppliers and Subcontractors

We want our employees, suppliers and subcontractors to feel like part of the family. This means reasonable compensation, prompt payment of invoices and respect for other individuals and companies. We are dedicated to the assurance that we have gone one step further than necessary toward fairness and supporting our team

Strickland Construction Company

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