Red Nose Day - May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016 had two separate but meaningful topics for Strickland Construction.

One, our Company has decided each division would prepare a meal and serve for the Whole Company, on a monthly basis. This time it was the Concrete Division who prepared and served Lunch for everyone. The teamwork was great in preparation, quality and cleanup!

The food was good, we gave the Concrete crew an “A”

This gives us another chance to sit down , have a short conversation with everyone And show them how they are appreciated.

Two, Red Nose Day – turned out to be a great opportunity for Strickland Construction To participate in donating to a great cause. Who doesn’t like to put on a red nose, Look a little funny and have a Company photo taken? Everyone joined in the fun!

So, May 26, 2016, turned out to be another Fun Day at Strickland Construction.