Combines an architecturally pleasing appearance with exceptional energy efficiency.

Because the fasteners are recessed deep in the corrugation, the Shadowall wall system gives walls an attractive and uniform appearance.

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The Butlerib® II Wall System

Or fascia system is the basic wall covering for Butler® buildings. The wall panels feature a full 1 ½" deep corrugation for extra strength. Panels are three feet in width and up to 40 feet in length so wall erection occurs quickly even on large buildings. They are available in a variety of material thicknesses and standard colors.

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StylWall® II Flat Wall System

With rigid insulation board factory-laminated to the interior to increase rigidity and thermal efficiency...and concealed fasteners to enhance appeal. A factory insulated flat wall system with concealed fasteners for new and retrofit applications.

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StylWall® II Fluted Wall
or Fascia System

Ribbed exterior appearance with hidden joints and fasteners for new and retrofit applications. The system features an attractive broad-ribbed design and embossed-stucco pattern that produces interesting shadows and a consistent texture to the exterior of any building.

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Butler Thermawall Fluted,
Fineline or Flat Panels

provides an exterior surface with either fluted (deep) or fineline (shallow) corrugations complimentary to almost any commercial or industrial building.

The flat panels provide an exterior flat stucco-embossed surface ideal for high profile architectural applications. The panels' exterior face features a surface with Butler-Cote®, a 70% Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® fluoropolymer finish in a variety of available colors.

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A factory-insulated metal wall system with a durable stucco-like appearance and no through fasteners. TextureWall panels have an exterior flat embossed surface that provides a stucco appearance. The panel's exterior stucco-like surface is created by the Texture-Cote finish system — a hard, aggregated fiber reinforced polymer finish.

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